Version 2.2.494–499

New Features

Cargo Forwarder Support
1 min readJul 4, 2024

Exclude Quote and Invoice Recipients:

  • Users now have the ability to exclude specific recipients when publishing a quote or invoice. This feature allows for more tailored and controlled communication with clients.

Automated Email Notifications (Air):

  • Introducing automated email notifications that are triggered as milestones are completed in the booking process. This ensures your customers stay informed about the status of their cargo in real-time.
  • All other modes will be rolled out shortly.


Default Mailbox for Notifications:

  • To enable the new automated email notifications, you need to select the default mailbox to use for notifications. This can be configured in the booking settings under “Notifications Settings.”

Configure Customer Contact Roles:

  • Ensure your customers are set up to receive notifications by configuring their roles in the contact settings. Only customers assigned to the appropriate contact roles will receive milestone updates.

These updates aim to enhance user control and improve communication efficiency, ensuring a better overall experience for both users and their customers.



Cargo Forwarder Support

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